Continuing Education Courses and Videos

Premier Educational Seminars, Inc.
Dr. Barkley has created a number of video based courses on ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder at this website that offers continuing education credits to professionals for taking these courses. It also offers an ADHD Certification to professionals who register for a number of those lectures. For more information, please visit
Dr. Barkley has worked closely with Gary Samad and the staff at to create five online accredited courses on ADHD. Participants can receive continuing education credits for completing these courses. The courses currently available are: More information on these courses can be obtained at:



In November of 2012, Dr. Barkley presented a 6 hour workshop on ADHD in children and adolescents in Minneapolis, MN sponsored by the Groves Academy that is now available for purchase on DVD from the following website:



Child Mind Institute
A Brief Overview of Executive Functioning and ADHD at the following website:



J & K Seminars
In addition, Dr. Barkley taught a 12 hour course on Advances in ADHD Theory, Diagnosis, and Management in November 2011. It addressess ADHD across the life span. It is available as an audio (CDs or Cassettes) or video (DVD) course from J & K Seminars at: Advances in ADHD Theory, Diagnosis, and Management



Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series, The MIND Institute
Three lectures on ADHD given in February 2008 as part of the Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series, The MIND Institute, University of California – Davis, Sacramento, CA.


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